9 Foot Hard Wall Panels
4 ft. wide by 9 ft. high (600)
2 ft. wide by 9ft high (90)
Usually papered with
Fireproof no-seam paper

10 Foot Art Wall Panels

4ft wide by 10 ft. high (1700 plus)
2ft wide by 10ft high (250 plus)
4 ft. wide with locking doors (30)
Can be Painted or Papered

All our walls are constructed of wood frames covered with Luan plywood fascia, which will easily take picture hangers, nails or screws. Properly hung large objects or heavily framed pictures can be mounted on them. Walls come with appropriate hardware to assemble booths or linear displays.

The 10-foot Art walls come painted white and can be painted other colors at an additional cost to create a gallery look. They are more dramatic a presentation because of the gallery height.

The 9 foot walls require that they be covered with paper to look good. Fireproof paper in colors shown below are available :