8-foot tracks   (1400 plus)
6-foot tracks   (100 plus)
4-foot tracks   (100 plus)
2-foot tracks   (60 plus)

50 watt Fixtures (1400 plus)
100 watt Fixtures (1400 plus)
150-watt wall washers (300 plus)
100 watt with barn doors (70 plus)

Line feeds, extension cables, and cube taps to support.

Our lighting system is based on two cantilevered arms that attach to the top of the walls and reach out approximately 30 inches into a booth. Designed originally for Art show lighting they work with flat art on a wall and into a booth as well.

We also have created arches that can span an aisle to move power from one island of booths to another, keeping cables off the floor where needed.


We can sub-contract truss for lighting when required, at an additional cost.

Our crews have assembled lighting for events for many years and are adept at putting it up quickly and efficiently.